Sacramento, CA Pest Control

Sacramento, CA Pest Control

Professional Pest Control For Sacramento, California Properties

As the capital of California, there’s no shortage of things to see and do in Sacramento. Unfortunately, all the residences and businesses in the area aren’t just attractive to people: they’re quite attractive to insects and animals as well.

ProServ Pest Management is proud to provide home and business owners across the city and greater Sacramento County with safe and effective pest control services. Effective Sacramento County pest control means knowing the pests that are active in the area, how they operate, and how to eliminate them and prevent them from coming back.

No one knows Sacramento pests better than ProServ Pest Management. Contact us today and protect your property with ongoing pest management services!

Home Pest Control In Sacramento, CA

Residential pest control here in Sacramento demands three things: affordability, adaptability, and achievability. At ProServ Pest Control, we offer each of these three elements wrapped into every pest control visit.

First, we’ll perform a primary inspection to observe your entire property for pest activity, from the attic to the basement to the kitchen and bathroom. After finding out exactly what’s going on in and around your home, we’ll then discuss all possible treatment methods with you and your family, determining the best possible course of action.

Our professional pest control representatives can roll out a customized plan just for you. Call the experts here at ProServ Pest Management today to schedule an initial inspection or get in touch with one of our local providers to discuss alternative treatment solutions.

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How To Tell If Your Sacramento Home Has A Cockroach Problem

Cockroaches are among the worst pests you can have the misfortune of sharing personal space with due to the number of hazards and diseases they bring inside with them. Roaches have hairs all over their bodies that pick up bacteria and pathogens on them from everywhere they go; since roaches frequent dumpsters and other unsavory places, this means any surfaces they touch afterward risk being contaminated.

Here are some key warning signs to be aware of that could tip you off to a roach infestation:

  • Odd odors throughout your home
  • Small white eggs found in clusters
  • Damaged property or fabrics
  • Small, black droppings that look like black pepper or coffee grounds, usually found near food sources

Unfortunately, roaches are also usually a difficult pest to identify until a severe infestation is on your hands. They are primarily nocturnal, so homeowners don’t see them with their naked eyes. And if you do see one, especially in the daytime, it usually means a severe infestation.

Worried about roaches? Put your fears to rest with help from ProServ Pest Management. Contact us today for more information about our in-depth cockroach treatment procedures

Rodent Control Tips For Property Owners In Sacramento

Rodents never go out of season in Sacramento, so you should always have your property prepared against them. Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Keep the lawn mowed short
  • Don’t leave out food or beverages, including food and water bowls
  • Don’t leave the dishes in the sink overnight
  • Keep all food in the home stored in sealed containers
  • Make sure all your exterior trash cans have tight-fitting lids

The best rodent control tip? Leave it to the professionals. Rodents are difficult pests that can get into the deepest parts of your home and cause damage. It takes a professional touch to eliminate the threat as painlessly as possible without the risk of failure and later problems that can arise when attempting a DIY rodent treatment.

A professional rodent exclusion service, followed up with ongoing pest management services from ProServ, is the perfect way to keep your home protected against rodents and other pests for good.

Hear From Our Happy Customers

At ProServ Pest Management, your satisfaction is our priority! See for yourself what our customers have to say about working with us.

    "A+ Services!"

    I've been with this company for about 2 years. And, very happy with their A++ services.

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    ProServ Management sales expert Jordan Mugford is an expert on Pest Control. He's very knowledgeable and very friendly.

    - BooDee S.
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    Great bunch of guys. Aaron came out during my initial service. Really easy to talk to and reassured me pest problems will be taking care of.

    - Cecilia G.
    "Great Customer Service!"

    I am always glad to see Anthony, the technician. he is a courteous young man who does a wonderful job brushing all the nasty cobwebs and spiders down.

    - Arlene G.

Commercial Pest Control In Sacramento, CA

Managing commercial pest control on your own can be overwhelming. Running a business is difficult enough on its own without adding pest control into the mix.

From monitoring programs and traps to do-it-yourself (DIY) remedies and paperwork, missing even one element can lead to frustrating outcomes for all involved. You can’t afford to miss even a single part of the process, and with so much at stake, the pressure can be unbearable.

Commercial pest management in Sacramento starts with ProServ Pest Management. We make it easier than ever to control the spread of serious enterprise pests. From one-time services to full management options, we have you covered.

Types of businesses we serve include:

  • Hotels and motels
  • Food services
  • Retail outlets
  • Educational buildings
  • Healthcare facilities

Don’t leave your business at risk for the problems pests bring. Reach out to us today for a consultation and keep your business or commercial property pest-free for the future.

Bed Bug Control Tips For Sacramento Homeowners

When Sacramento homeowners want to keep bed bugs from becoming an issue, here are a few top tips to try:

  • Keep an eye out. Bed bugs are parasites, so they get around by affixing themselves to a host and going for a free ride. This means that they can end up in office buildings, schools, and other places where people congregate. When spending time in these areas, be sure to look for any signs of bed bug activity and avoid them.
  • Be mindful at work. It’s very common for coworkers to get bed bugs from one another so keep personal belongings away from others.
  • Decorate thoughtfully. Bed bugs can also spread by way of used household items. Before bringing any secondhand furniture into your home, check them for signs of bed bugs.
  • Clean often. In case any bed bugs have gotten into your home, routine vacuuming and tidying may help to reduce any possible spread. It may also be helpful to get rid of excess clutter in the home. 

If bed bug outbreaks do occur, then the fastest and most effective way to get rid of them is with professional pest control. Call ProServ Pest Management for more information on bed bug removal today!

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The Diseases Fleas And Ticks Are Known To Spread In Sacramento

Fleas and ticks are two types of parasites that get around the Sacramento area with the greatest of ease. As parasites, their main modes of transportation are the hosts that they feed off of or furniture that they’ve infested. One of the main targets for both of these pests is family pets. They choose cats and dogs primarily because they are an ideal food source that also allows them to feed for long periods of time without getting detected. In doing so, fleas and ticks are able to spread their own host of health problems. 

Tick bites can be the source of Lyme disease, anaplasmosis, and tularemia. Not every species of tick carries the pathogens for every illness, and it’s also not possible to tell simply by looking at a tick if they’re carrying these pathogens at all. The continuous feedings that fleas perform can lead to anemia due to blood loss, and they can also be the source of tapeworms and murine typhus. Excessive scratching can also lead to skin infections. For more information on flea and tick prevention, call ProServ Pest Management. 

Choose Professional Spider Control For Your Sacramento Home

Spiders are one of the more difficult kinds of pests to keep out of your Sacramento home because of the complex factors that attract them in the first place. Moisture build-up is one of these appealing conditions, so things like leaky faucets or trouble with plumbing may create ideal environments. But more importantly, other pests are also responsible for attracting spiders. Invaders such as gnats, ants, and cockroaches serve as a food source for spiders and come with their own issues. That’s why whether you’re looking to get rid of spiders or want a little bit of help preventing them, consider professional spider control from ProServ Pest Management. 

We provide guaranteed services that are highly detailed and built around your specific needs. Often we incorporate spider services and treatments for the pests they prey on in our residential program. We base our applications on the findings of our inspections. Then you can decide if you want our Spray-Only service that focuses on the exterior of your home, or our Premium option that also includes interior treatments and web removal. By enrolling in one of these programs, you can benefit from ongoing support to limit spiders in the future. Call us today for more information!

Tips To Prevent Stinging Insect Infestations In Sacramento

The stinging insects in Sacramento are potentially harmful to a person’s well-being given their proclivity to attack. Sometimes stinging insects can also create their nests in inopportune areas that can cause damage to properties. Here are some top tips on how to prevent their presence around a property:

  • Consider plant variety. Stinging insects are largely attracted to flowers that are brightly colored and sweet. Instead of blue and pink flowers, consider whites and oranges. Certain plants even contain properties that these insects hate, some of which include eucalyptus, mint, and citronella.
  • Limit access to other food sources. Stinging insects will feast on garbage or decomposing garden produce if these items are available to them. Be sure to keep a lid on trash bins and clean outdoor grills between uses.
  • Dry out water sources. Water accumulation can be very enticing to stinging insects. Make sure that buckets don’t collect water, keep a cover on pools between uses, and fix any dripping plumbing.
  • Bring in the professionals. Working with a pest professional is one of the best ways to avoid stinging insects. Professionals can perform proactive treatments and remove nests that will make properties less appealing. 

For complete help avoiding these infestations, call ProServ Pest Management for stinging insect control.

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