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Fairfield, CA Pest Control

Professional Pest Control For Fairfield, CA Properties

Sitting smack in the middle between Sacramento and San Francisco, Fairfield, CA, is a beautiful city with just under 120,000 residents. Fairfield boasts a great school system, making it a wonderful option for families to consider when looking for a place to settle down. Additionally, the economy is booming, allowing business owners of all kinds to grow their establishments. However, the growing population of people also means an increasing population of pests, and Solano County pest control is necessary to keep our beloved city clean and safe. Read on to learn how ProServ Pest Management can help your home and business be pest-free today!

Home Pest Control In Fairfield, CA

Nothing shatters your sense of security quite like pests invading your home. They bring diseases, make you feel uneasy, and can harm your children and pets. As a family-owned and operated business, here at ProServ Pest Management, we understand the urgency of a home pest invasion and provide prompt, professional home pest control services to eradicate your issue quickly. Our expert technicians are armed with the skills and tools needed to provide general and specific pest exterminations. In addition to utilizing eco-friendly products, we provide free inspections and quotes, and we guarantee our services. If pests have invaded your home, give us a call; we will get the job done right the first time.

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What To Do If You See A Mouse In Your Fairfield Home

Having rodents in your home makes anyone queasy. If you find mice in your Fairfield home, here is what you should do:

  • Don’t try to capture it: Because mice can carry and spread dangerous diseases to humans, do not try to capture the mouse. Exposing yourself to a potentially infected rodent could make you and your family very ill.
  • Don’t try online DIY methods: There are dozens of online methods listed online that boast being the most effective form of mouse control. However, not only are these largely ineffective, some can actually attract more mice to your home!
  • Do call a professional: Because mice are prolific breeders, if you are seeing one mouse, chances are there are many more hiding elsewhere in your home. Call a professional for help exterminating them in their entirety.

Here at ProServ Pest Management, we have many years of experience dealing with mouse infestations. Our technicians can help you track down every mouse, ensuring that none are left to restart an infestation.

Are There Poisonous Spiders In Fairfield? 

While we have plenty of run-of-the-mill common house spiders, California also has some poisonous spiders. Below are the spiders to look out for in your Fairfield home:

  • Black widow spiders: Known for the definitive red hourglass marking on their underbelly, black widow spiders pack a mean bite and can severely hurt someone they have bitten.
  • Brown recluse spiders: Also infamous for a unique marking, the brown recluse spider may look like a common house spider, but they have a violin-shaped marking on their brown bodies. They also have a poisonous bite and can hurt you and your family.
  • Yellow sac spiders: A large spider with a giant yellow sac for an abdomen, these arachnids pack a powerful bite that can lead to the death of skin cells.

Because each spider is so vastly different in behavior (and because there are poisonous spiders in California), please call a professional here at ProServ Pest Management if you find spiders in your home or business. Our technicians can help you remove them without anyone getting hurt.

Hear From Our Happy Customers

At ProServ Pest Management, your satisfaction is our priority! See for yourself what our customers have to say about working with us.

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    Great bunch of guys. Aaron came out during my initial service. Really easy to talk to and reassured me pest problems will be taking care of.

    - Cecilia G.
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    I am always glad to see Anthony, the technician. he is a courteous young man who does a wonderful job brushing all the nasty cobwebs and spiders down.

    - Arlene G.

Commercial Pest Control In Fairfield, CA

As local business owners here at ProServ Pest Management, we understand how overwhelming it can be to keep it running smoothly. Managing pests can sometimes fall to the wayside with everything you have to think about. However, the idea of pests invading your business is the most important reason for professional pest control in Solano because all it takes to tank your reputation is for one patron to post a photo of, or about, a pest in your business. Similar to our residential pest control services, we will provide a free inspection and quote and work to customize a commercial pest control treatment plan that is as unique as your specific infestation. On top of it all, we offer 24/7 emergency services because we understand that pests don’t always invade during normal business hours. Don’t let pests ruin your hard-earned good reputation; let us help you be pest-free today.

Why Cockroaches In Fairfield Need Professional Treatment To Remove 

Few pests demonstrate the value of professional pest control better than the cockroach. These invaders can slip inside any property and are extremely difficult to eliminate. Cockroaches quickly develop resistance to common pesticides and breed quickly, often nesting inside walls or other areas that we can’t easily reach without professional tools and methods. 

All of these factors compound to make cockroach control one of the most difficult concepts to get right. Luckily, Fairfield residents have ProServ Pest Management to turn to. Not only can we get rid of cockroaches that have already hunkered down around your property with proven and safe treatments, but we can help you avoid future infestations. With a thorough inspection and targeted treatment methods, you’ll rest easy knowing that the cockroach problem has been taken care of completely. 

Contact ProServ Pest Management today to get started on effective cockroach control.

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Identifying A Bed Bug Bite In Fairfield

Bed bugs are an often misunderstood pest. Not only are people mistaken about where they can be found, but Fairfield residents are often unaware of just how common bed bugs can be. 

First, let’s talk about their name — bed bugs. It’s not entirely accurate. Bed bugs can be found hiding in far more than just your mattress or bed sheets. In fact, they may not even be in your bedroom at all. Bed bugs can actually contaminate any kind of item that contains linens, cushioning, or fibers that they can cling to and burrow within. That includes clothing, furniture, and even luggage or other kinds of containers. 

Bed bugs nest close to where they feed, so their bites are often found in lines or clusters on the skin, and usually in the morning after sleeping or after waking up from a nap in your favorite chair. However, while bed bugs don’t tend to have to travel far from where they rest to where they bite, they aren’t easily eliminated by simply removing the contaminated items. 

Professional treatments are far more effective — and even cheaper in the long run — than trying to deal with bed bugs yourself, because they eliminate the entire population, including the eggs that would otherwise hatch and replenish the population. 

If you spot the signs of bed bugs around your Fairfield home, get bed bug treatments from ProServ Pest Management immediately.

How To Prevent Wasps And Yellow Jackets Around Your Fairfield Home

Pest prevention is better than pest removal, especially when it comes to dangerous pests like wasps and yellow jackets. Trying to remove a wasp nest on your own is a good way to get stung, and these kinds of stinging insects don’t die after one sting like bees do. That makes them more aggressive and more territorial, turning your yard into a hazard during the time of year you want to be outside and enjoying the sunshine. 

To prevent this, you need to get started on wasp control before hives can form around your home or in the trees on your lawn. With help from ProServ Pest Management, dealing with stinging insects doesn’t have to be scary or overwhelming. We don’t just help with wasp removal, but also proactive treatments and services that actually prevent them from moving into your Fairfield yard in the first place. 

To avoid wasps and yellow jackets in Fairfield, California, turn to ProServ Pest Management right away.

Signs That Your Fairfield Home Has Attracted Fabric-Eating Pests 

When people worry about destructive pests, their minds often go straight to pests like termites, which chew through structural wooden materials and can lead to widespread property damage. But many pest infestations cause different kinds of damage, the kind that’s more common and just as expensive to address once it's set in. 

There are many fabric-eating pests out there, for example. Whether it’s moths and carpet beetles or pests we tend to think of as generally harmless, like silverfish, many species will eat through fabrics that are found in every home. You need to be able to identify the signs of pest activity quickly and immediately turn to pest control professionals to eradicate the population before it can destroy heirlooms and useful household objects. 

Here are some signs to watch out for: 

  • Damage: Unfortunately, the first and only sign people often get that they have fabric-destroying pests is the damage itself. If you spot holes in clothing, furniture, curtains, or other fabrics around your home, contact pest professionals right away. 
  • Eggs: Pests leave their eggs near food sources, so you may also notice the cream-colored kernels of their eggs before you notice the pests themselves or their damage. 
  • Droppings: Sometimes, the damage these pests deal is in the form of stains left behind from their droppings as they eat through materials and then expel them in the form of urine or feces. 

Fabric pests and pantry pests are just two subsets of residential pests that can cause larger problems, which is why comprehensive pest control is necessary. Get home pest control in Fairfield from ProServ Pest Management.

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