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Auburn, California Pest Control

Excellent, Year-Round Pest Control Services In Auburn, CA

As a property owner, it’s your goal to keep your home or business out of harm’s way. However, Auburn’s warm, humid weather provides the perfect conditions for many unwanted pests to thrive around your property. To prevent pests from making their way into your Auburn home or business, you need professional pest control services from ProServ Pest Management. Our skilled pest technicians are experienced in providing excellent pest management solutions designed to keep your commercial or residential property pest-free throughout the entire year. Whether you’re looking for general pest management, specialty services, or anything in between, we have you covered. Contact the professionals here at ProServ Pest Management today to find out which of our pest control plans is right for you.

Home Pest Control In Auburn, CA

Your home is supposed to be a place where you can unwind and relax after a long day. However, when your Auburn home is overrun by pests, relaxing is the last thing on your mind. Not only are pests destructive, but they can also spread dangerous diseases to you and your family. Protect your home and family from the area’s toughest pests by implementing effective residential pest control services from ProServ Pest Management. We are committed to eliminating your pest problems in the most affordable and effective way possible. If you’re ready to say goodbye to pest problems, get in touch with ProServ Pest Management. We’re ready to find the perfect solution for all of your residential pest control needs.

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Do You Have Cockroaches In Your Auburn Home?

Cockroaches are common insects that thrive in our warm, semi-tropical climate. They often invade Auburn homes while foraging for sources of food, water, and shelter. These disturbing pests prefer to live in dark, moist places where they can hide and breed. Despite your best efforts to keep them out, cockroaches are capable of flattening their bodies to squeeze through small gaps to invade your home. The first step to protecting your Auburn property from pests is learning how to identify signs of their presence. Keep an eye out for the following signs to identify if cockroaches are living in your Auburn home.

  • Unpleasant odors without an identifiable cause. This smell usually grows stronger as your infestation worsens.
  • Oval-shaped egg cases (also known as oothecae), which are often found behind furniture and other hidden areas.
    Small cockroach droppings, which look similar to coffee grounds or black pepper.
  • Adult cockroaches themselves. If you spot a cockroach crawling around in your home, there’s a good chance that many more are hiding nearby.

If you believe cockroaches are living in your Auburn home, don’t hesitate to contact the professionals here at ProServ Pest Management. We’re ready to deliver ongoing pest control services that provide long-term results. Don’t wait for cockroaches to invade your home and threaten the health of your family. Instead, turn to ProServ Pest Management for excellent cockroach control solutions you can trust.

Three DIY Bed Bug Control Methods To Avoid In Auburn

Over the last two decades, bed bug infestations have become an increasing problem in the United States. Whether you own a residential or commercial property, you don’t want to find these small, blood-feeding pests living there. To protect your Auburn property from bed bugs, it’s tempting to turn to online DIY bed bug control methods. However, most forms of DIY bed bug control are a waste of time and effort. Some of the most commonly used, ineffective DIY bed bug control methods include:

1. Sprinkling baking soda around areas where bed bugs typically hide, such as your mattress, furniture, and areas around your bed. There is no evidence to suggest that baking soda is a successful way to remove bed bugs.

2. Spraying bed bug-infested areas with rubbing alcohol. Unfortunately, in order to effectively kill bed bugs, the rubbing alcohol solution must contain an alcohol percentage of 90% or above, which can cause health hazards for you and your family.

3. Vacuuming your carpets and floors regularly. While this is an effective bed bug prevention method, it won’t get rid of an existing bed bug infestation in your home.

DIY bed bug control methods might seem like the easiest solution, but the best way to eliminate bed bugs from your Auburn property is with professional pest control services from ProServ Pest Management. We’re ready to defend your property from all kinds of pests, including bed bugs. Give us a call today to request your free quote.

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Commercial Pest Control In Auburn, CA

When you own a business, one of your responsibilities is keeping your customers satisfied. But if dangerous and destructive pests are allowed to live around your Auburn commercial facility, your customers won’t want to return to your establishment in the future. Pests spread harmful bacteria, damage important equipment, drive away your customers, and give you a bad reputation. The most effective way to eliminate commercial pest problems is with affordable and professional services from ProServ Pest Management. At ProServ Pest Management, we understand that there’s no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all” approach to pest control, which is why we customize our commercial services to meet the unique needs of your Auburn business. Protect your business, customers, and reputation from pests by partnering with the professionals from ProServ Pest Management today.

The Problems Rodents Can Cause In Your Auburn Home

Rodents are one type of pest that you don’t want to overlook because of the havoc they can wreak on your Auburn home. The problems with rodents are abundant and start with their innate need to chew and gnaw on things. Rodents have these habits because they do everything they can in order to keep their front incisor teeth from overgrowing. Unfortunately for you, this can mean finding holes in your closet, kitchen, and attic walls. One result of their work can also include damaged insulation, which may lead to higher heating and energy costs for your home. And if rodents find their way to nibble on cables or wiring, they may cause house fires.

The mere presence of rodents is also enough to bring harm to your home because they commonly spread parasites that can be dangerous to your health and your pets. Ticks, mites, and fleas pass along pathogens that lead to a variety of illnesses, including Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, tularemia, heartworm, murine typhus, anemia, scrub typhus, and rickettsialpox. Rodents also leave behind their feces and saliva, which can lead to asthma attacks while also being the source of hantavirus, salmonellosis, and leptospirosis, amongst others.

To benefit from quality rodent prevention, call ProServ Pest Management today to get started on our Auburn rodent control services.

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Ant Prevention Tips For Auburn Residents

Ants are frequent visitors to Auburn homes, but with a few quick tips, they don’t have to be. Try these steps to reduce ant populations today:

  • Close all openings. The best first step is to address the status of a home’s foundation and fill any crevices with a silicone-based caulk. Look for openings of sizes because few are too small for ants. Additionally, repair window screens with holes and insert door sweets if there are gaps beneath doors.
  • Address water problems. Whether homeowners are dealing with simple leaks or more significant water issues, they all require attention. Be sure to shut off faucets fully after using them.
  • Keep things clean. Ants are lured to spills and crumbs of all kinds, as they eat sweet, oily, and meaty foods. Properly store trash and leftovers in receptacles with secure lids, eliminate crumbs, and tidy up spills, even if it involves shampoo or hand soap.
  • Enlist professional assistance. The most reliable and effective way to avoid ant problems is by working with a pest control company. By receiving routine treatments, homeowners can achieve a barrier of protection that they won’t find elsewhere.

To learn more about ant prevention and to benefit from top-notch services, call ProServ Pest Management.

Auburn's Handy Guide To Beetle Control

Beetles in Auburn are tenacious little pests that are primarily lured to properties because these properties readily supply food sources and other sustaining features. Here are a few important tips to implement for residents looking to avoid beetles:

  • Never keep snacks, baking materials, and other pantry goods in their original packaging. Instead, opt for airtight containers.
  • Try to control moisture around the home whenever possible by keeping crawl spaces dry and installing dehumidifiers in damp places.
  • Turn off porch lights at night.
  • Practice good hygiene by getting rid of crumbs, sweeping and vacuuming regularly, and limiting food items to the kitchen.
  • Inspect used furniture and clothing items before bringing them home. Additionally, open all packages outside.
  • Work with a pest control professional for ongoing maintenance and support against beetles.

For more information on beetle control, call ProServ Pest Management today.

How You May Be Underestimating Fleas In Auburn

One of the most common ways that you might be underestimating the fleas in Auburn is by thinking that you can’t develop an outbreak if you don’t have pets. And while household cats and dogs are a very common cause of flea infestations, they’re not the only ones. Simply living in an apartment building and having a neighbor with fleas can cause issues inside of your home, as can having a wildlife or rodent problem, unknowingly bringing home infested furniture, or having them affixed to your clothing and personal belongings after going for a hike or visiting a park.

You may also not be aware of how harmful fleas can be to your health as well as any pets that you may have, as well as how powerful they really are.  Fleas feed off of blood and have the ability to feed for two consecutive hours once they’ve latched onto their host. During this time, fleas can consume 15 times their body weight in blood and can begin feeding within five minutes of biting their host. This process is also where the transfer of dangerous pathogens takes place, which can lead to the spread of murine typhus, heartworm, tapeworm, and bartonellosis. Excessive feeding and prolonged exposure to fleas can also leave pets with anemia, hair loss, and dry skin. Fleas are less likely to feed off of people but they can, which may result in itchy bites as well as the risk of health problems.

To receive the most reliable flea protection, contact ProServ Pest Management today.

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