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The Black Widow Spider: A Deadly Menace Lurking In Your…

black widow spider in web

Learn where black widows can hide in your Sacramento home, the symptoms of a bite, and the safe, effective way to get rid of them with ProServ Pest Management. Read More

The Most Effective Way To Keep Creepy Spiders Out Of…

wolf spider up close

Are you worried about spiders crawling around your Sacramento home? Discover how the professionals at ProServ Pest Management can eliminate arachnids quickly. Read More

Why Is It Bad To Have Wolf Spiders In My Sacramento…

wolf spider coming inside

Wolf spiders may not be dangerous, but they shouldn't be comfortable in your Sacramento home either. Find out how you can keep them from infesting your home and who you should call if you already have… Read More

Why Do I Have Spiders In My Sacramento Home?

a wolf spider on cement surface

There are several reasons why spiders might enter a home, some of which are quite innocuous. For instance, spiders might enter simply because there are easy ways inside. However, the most common… Read More


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