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How Ant Infestations Start In Sacramento, CA Homes

argentine ants crawling all over food

Whether you find two ants in your home or 200,  you may want to know how they got there. They had to come from somewhere, but where is that? Learn more about how infestations begin and what you can… Read More

The Key To Effective Black Widow Control In Sacramento

a black widow spider in a sacramento home

Have you ever been caught off guard by a spider? These eight-legged pests have a way of sneaking up on people. They also can be incredibly dangerous. One species of spider that poses a real threat to… Read More

How Dangerous Is It To Have Wasps On My Sacramento, CA…

a wasp that was flying and landed on a tree stump

Your Sacramento, CA home or business may be beautiful, but a load of flying pests will quickly deter people from visiting. A possible guest, employee, or patron will think again about coming around if… Read More

Are Turkestan Cockroaches In Sacramento, CA Dangerous?

turkestan cockroaches crawling on bread

While not as well-known or as commonly found indoors as its counterparts, the American and German cockroaches, the Turkestan cockroach still poses a problem for California home and business owners.  Read More

Why Do I Have Spiders In My Sacramento Home?

a wolf spider on cement surface

There are several reasons why spiders might enter a home, some of which are quite innocuous. For instance, spiders might enter simply because there are easy ways inside. However, the most common… Read More

Answering Sacramento's Most Commonly Asked Earwig Questions

an earwig resting on a leaf

Earwigs are an example of a bug citizens are unsure about, and therefore scared of.  Read More


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