How To Keep Rodents Away From Your Sacramento Property

January 15, 2022

Whether at home, in your office building, or in your restaurant, rodents can do a number on any kind of property, as long as there’s food, water, and shelter available. No matter the property type, rodents are a health and safety threat that requires professional supervision and proactive methods to limit risks. Keep reading to learn more about property-invading pests in Sacramento, how to prevent rodent infestations, and how to eliminate them entirely.

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What Animals Are Rodents?

Rodents are generally considered dirty animals, probably because of their ties to the spread of the bubonic plague, but rodents are one of the most diverse and numerous species on the planet. Everything from the loveable capybara to the ground squirrel is a rodent. The key identifying factor on every list of common rodents is their chewing behavior. Their strong teeth never stop growing, so rodents are chewers by necessity.

Species on the list of common rodents include squirrels, a few different types of rats, and house mice, and these are among the peskiest of the species for property owners. Not only do all of these species carry dangerous diseases that are transmissible to humans, but they all are capable of widespread property damage, and they can carry fleas, ticks, and other vectors for diseases into your buildings. 

How To Deter Rodents

House mice, rats, and squirrels are the most common rodents you’ll have to deal with as a property owner. It’s important to know how they get inside and what attracts them. Rodents of these kinds can fit through holes anywhere from as small as a dime or a quarter depending on the species. Once they’re inside, if you’ve got insect prey, unprotected stored food, or water availability, it will be hard to convince them to leave. Knowing that, however, you can fix those problems.

The most effective in squirrel, rat, and mice deterrent is maintenance and prevention, including the following tips:

  • Seal holes and cracks around the property with silicone-based caulk or steel wool.

  • Trim back tree limbs from the roof, and don’t plant shrubberies next to doors or windows.

  • Make sure doors and windows seal and that screens are free of holes.

  • Store any food in the building in glass or metal containers, including pet food.

  • Use tight-fitting lids on indoor and outdoor trash, regularly take indoor trash out, clean bins weekly, and store outdoor trash away from the building.

  • Fix anything causing excess water or moisture inside or out of the building.

How To Get Rid Of Rodents: ProServ Pest Management

To get rid of rodents, many will go to extreme measures with their wallet and the pest control aisle. Unfortunately, many of these traps will worsen your pest problem, either by attracting mice with the insect smorgasbord that appears with sticky traps or by attracting flies and cockroaches with corpses resulting from the poison. Coming into contact with these corpses is also dangerous, as the diseases rats carry can be transmissible through contact.

To get rid of rodents for good, safely and effectively, it’s best to keep in touch with a pest control professional to monitor the safety of your home, as well as practice maintenance and prevention techniques. ProServ Pest Management can be your squirrel, rat, and mice deterrent all in one. Different types of rats and rodents respond in unique ways to exclusion, and you want an expert who can predict these responses, maintain a pest-free home, and respond effectively if you have a pest problem in the future. Call ProServ Pest Management and put your money toward pest control in Sacramento that works.

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