How To Get Rid Of Oriental Cockroaches In Sacramento

November 15, 2021

Oriental cockroaches are also known as water bugs and have smooth, shiny, dark brown, or black bodies. They are about one to 1 ¼ inches long. While this species has wings, they are flightless.

As an infestation of oriental cockroaches grows, the foul odor they emit gets worse. Although this is the case with many cockroach species, oriental cockroaches may top the list with their accompanying musty smell.

No one should have to live alongside this gross pest. As a Sacramento resident, you should know what the dangers of oriental cockroaches are, why they are attracted to your property, and what experts can do that you won’t be able to on your own.

up close image of an oriental cockroach crawling in a kitchen

How Dangerous Are Oriental Cockroaches?

Like other cockroach species, oriental cockroaches are a risk to the health of people whose homes they infest. Cockroaches transmit dangerous pathogens, triggering asthma and allergies as they leave waste behind and shed skin, and contaminate everything from food to personal hygiene products, causing salmonella or E. coli. 

Although rare, oriental cockroaches can bite. Even though the bites are small and harmless, contact with this pest can lead to the above problems.

To keep you and your family safe from oriental cockroaches, you need to know why they like your property in the first place.  

Why Am I Attracting Oriental Cockroaches?

Oriental cockroaches are attracted to homes that provide easy access to a moist environment with plenty of food options. Because of this, the best way to prevent this pest is by reducing moisture on your property. You can do this by:

  • Fixing leaking pipes and faucets.
  • Keeping gutters maintained and making sure downspouts are guiding water away from your home’s foundation.
  • Using proper ventilation in areas of your home that are especially prone to moisture, such as the kitchen and bathroom.
  • Utilizing dehumidifiers in areas like basements, crawlspaces, attics, and garages.
  • Removing organic debris from your yard like leaves, which can retain water.

When trying to prevent an invasion of oriental cockroaches, you should also seal any potential entry points and remove food sources. It helps to store open food in air-tight containers, use garbage cans with tight-fitting lids, and promptly remove garbage from your property. 

Although these tips can assist with making your property less desirable for this pest, they may not keep them away altogether. To do this or to remove an active infestation, you should turn to area experts for help.

Call ProServ Pest Management!

You should contact ProServ Pest Management at the first sign of oriental cockroaches on your Sacramento property. We offer targeted services for cockroaches to ensure this dangerous pest isn’t making your home theirs. Our cockroach control process includes a thorough inspection of your home’s interior to look for signs of cockroaches; regular treatment using gel baits, sprays, and glue boards; and fog treatment that requires a second application for two weeks after the initial treatment. We also utilize outdoor treatments to reduce conducive conditions by treating the entire yard.

Cockroaches are impossible for homeowners to get rid of on their own. This is because this pest is constantly becoming more immune to the conventional pesticides available at stores. In the end, treating a cockroach infestation on your own will ultimately lead you to spend more money than necessary, be stressful, and probably still leave you with an active cockroach problem. All of this can be avoided when you trust the experts at ProServ Pest Management. 

Don’t wait; call us today at ProServ Pest Management to get started with the cockroach control services you need to keep you and your family safe against oriental cockroaches.

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