How Dangerous Is It To Have Wasps On My Sacramento, CA Property?

June 15, 2021

Your Sacramento, CA home or business may be beautiful, but a load of flying pests will quickly deter people from visiting. A possible guest, employee, or patron will think again about coming around if there’s a chance they’ll be bitten or stung. At the very least, they won’t want to be agitated by the insects. Much less, have a visit to the emergency room. This is a common occurrence with wasps.

The term “wasp” applies to a host of stinging insects. When they hit, they are liable to release toxic venom. The effects on the human body and domestic animals vary. Given that these bugs are primarily in natural habitats, it can be challenging trying to manage them. It’s an unsettling fact, considering their risks. Learn more about this and how you can stop them with ProServ Pest Management. 

a wasp that was flying and landed on a tree stump

How Do Wasps Behave? What Are the Dangers?

Paper wasps are a prevalent subspecies in the area. Yellow markings decorate the brown bodies of these 1 inch long bugs. These features, paired with their black wings, are why they are often mistaken for bees. What distinguishes them are their significantly slimmer frames, which are also more narrow and elongated. You’re bound to see them fluttering around roof eaves, door frames, window sills, and structural voids. Sheltered spaces are where they tend to nest. If you ever see a paper wasp, you certainly have an infestation.

Open windows and doors and holes in foundations are how paper wasps penetrate homes and businesses. Their name is inspired by the fact that their cocoons look like matted paper when dry. To form it, they mesh their saliva with plant material. It usually has the shape of an umbrella, which gives way to their alternate title of “umbrella wasps.” Being rather dense, you won’t be able to see through the matter and into the interiors. How their nests are made is part of separates them from fellow stinging bugs. Two important things about wasps are:

1.They Can Be Helpful: The pollination and feeding practices of wasps contribute to the sustenance of the environment.

2. They Can Also Be Hurtful: With a wasp sting comes pain and subsequent skin inflammation. Medical attention may be required, as allergic reactions and bodily responses can be severe. These pests can strike many times in seconds.

How Can Wasps Be Prevented?

Once more, wasps are difficult to tackle. You’ll want to enact preventative protocols to block an intrusion from the start. Dealing with it afterward will be way too daunting.  There’s no such thing as dictating nature; you won’t be able to completely remove all that draws these insects. Some things remain in your control:

  • Mow the grass and trim greenery on a routine basis. Be sure to fill in ground holes and get rid of organic debris on the lawn.
  • Distance flowers from the property by two feet. Also, try not to over-plant them.
  • Use plants with repellent properties, like eucalyptus and citronella, for gardens.
  • Flush out gutters and wash vents regularly.
  • Only containers with secure lids should be used for food and trash storage.
  • Keep patios and roof eaves neat. Avoid leaving food out; particularly sugary items.
  • Contact ProServ Pest Management if you have critters wasps munch on.

What Can ProServ Pest Management Do About Wasps?

Wasp nests should be handled by professionals. A cocoon might seem dormant or abandoned, but a lone bug can always fly out and surprise you. Don’t get stung; reach out to us at ProServ Pest Management. Our skilled technicians have high-quality, specialized tools to eliminate wasp populations long term. We have safe exterior treatments that aren’t a threat to vegetation, pets, or humans. Call today to get going with a free quote!

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