Eliminating German Cockroaches For Good: A Comprehensive Approach For Sacramento Homes

September 15, 2023

Perhaps you are reading this article because you had friends over to the house for a cookout, and while you were sitting in the living room, a cockroach scurried from beneath the couch and ran across the floor. You watched in horror and embarrassment as your guests shrieked and quickly cleared out of the room. It was at that moment you knew that you knew you had cockroaches in your home. 

When cockroaches invade your house, you need the best pest control in Sacramento, ProServ Pest Management. After years of helping others in the California pest control industry, we opened our family-owned business to provide the service and customer touch we saw lacking. Customer service and highly trained technicians are our priorities. 

We understand how upsetting a cockroach infestation can be, so in this article, we provide you with the information you need to end the reign of cockroaches in your home.

a german cockroach crawling in a kitchen

Types Of Cockroaches: Identifying Common Species

German, American, and Oriental cockroaches infest homes in Sacramento, and each one has its own set of unique characteristics. Since effective pest control for roaches begins with identifying the species inside the house, let's briefly examine each one. 

German cockroaches have a light tan to brown 1/4 to 5/8 oval body with two stripes running down the back. These nocturnal insects prefer to live in dark, humid areas in kitchens and bathrooms. 

American cockroaches are massive cockroaches that prefer the same environment as German cockroaches. American cockroaches have a 1 1/4 to 2 1/8 reddish-brown body, two antennae longer than their body, and a figure-eight pattern on their head. 

Oriental cockroaches are slightly less than an inch long, and while they like moist areas, they prefer crawl spaces and other areas with slightly lower temperatures. Also called "waterbugs," oriental cockroaches have shiny black or dark reddish-brown bodies. 

Of these three Sacramento cockroaches, German cockroaches are among both the most common and the most hazardous. If you are searching for “German cockroach control near me,” look no further than ProServ Pest Management. We can stop any cockroach species inside your Sacramento home. 

Health Risks: German Cockroaches Spread Disease And Trigger Allergies

One of the primary characteristics of cockroaches is that they spread disease. Cockroaches forage in areas filled with rotting, decaying, and fermenting plant and animal matter that are Petri dishes for bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasitic worms. As these six-legged insects crawl across these disgusting surfaces, pathogens stick to the spines jutting from their legs. 

During the night, when they crawl through a home, the disease-causing organisms transfer to cooking and eating surfaces and other items. They also spread bacteria, worms, and other pathogens through the feces and saliva they leave in cabinets, behind appliances, on exposed foods, utensils, etc. 

Cockroaches are responsible for at least 33 bacterial diseases, viruses, and other infections. Furthermore, airborne proteins from decaying cockroach skins and dried feces trigger asthma attacks and allergic reactions.

ProServ Pest Management provides cockroach control in Sacramento to protect families from the harmful effects of cockroach infestations. 

German Cockroach Prevention: Proactive Tips To Prevent Infestations

In addition to the professional cockroach remedy from ProServ Pest Management, you can do the following to stop a future infestation: 

  • Keep indoor and outdoor garbage containers covered.
  • Install door sweeps under exterior doors.
  • Vacuum the house regularly.
  • Suction out corners and cracks between walls and flooring.
  • Wipe down all eating and cooking surfaces after meals.

Maintaining a clean and dry environment will deter cockroaches from returning after ProServ Pest Management ends your current cockroach problem. 

The Benefits of Professional Cockroach Control: Why Expertise Matters

Expertise matters because cockroaches rapidly reproduce and are excellent at hiding. You will not end the infestation if you do not know how to identify cockroach hot spots. 

ProServ Pest Management will dispatch a trained and experienced technician to your Sacramento home to investigate entry points, attractants, and nesting locations. We will develop a strategy that targets the specific species infesting your home. Your safety is our priority, so we use only the minimal amount of product needed to stop the cockroach invasion; we incorporate products with low toxicity. Contact us today to learn more and to schedule your service.

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