Are You Dealing With An Earwig Problem In Sacramento?

March 15, 2022

Earwigs are utterly alien-looking insects at first glance and can become quite a nuisance when enough of them invade your Sacramento home. Their appearance is so jarring that one can almost imagine the macabre folklore surrounding them to be true– but thankfully, it's not. Earwigs may not crawl into people's ears while they sleep, but they can pinch people if disturbed, which only exaggerates the anxiety an overabundance of them can cause. If you're curious about how to get rid of earwigs, you've come to the right place. Here we'll outline everything you need to know about these unique nocturnal omnivores, including the best way to remove them from your home.

a big earwig on a leaf

Do Earwigs Harm Humans?

A common question inspired by these insects' intimidating appearance is 'are earwigs dangerous?' The answer, thankfully, is no. Earwigs don't pose any significant danger to humans, contrary to the notorious folklore. They tend to avoid human contact altogether, usually living under leaf or mulch piles or other dark, damp places outdoors. When disturbed, they prefer to run away, but if they are cornered, they will use their pincers to defend themselves. They use their pincers to hunt for food, but they'll rarely be able to break human skin with them, and they don't inject any venom.

Is There Anything Good About Having Earwigs In Your Home?

Although these insects may not cause any direct harm to humans, they can still be undesirable inside your home. There's nothing particularly good about having earwigs in your house, especially if they've found a place to reproduce. Earwigs are attracted to dimly lit areas of high moisture content, often found congregating in basements and garages. A single female earwig can produce about fifty eggs at a time, which can easily lead to a full-on infestation and endless irritation.

Five Myths About Earwigs

The earwig's jarring appearance has given rise to a lot of myths. Here are a few of the most common misconceptions surrounding earwigs, debunked:

  1. Earwigs burrow into your ears while you sleep. This bit of European folklore has been around for a while but is nonetheless scientifically false. It likely came about due to a combination of their frightening appearance and occasional tendency to hide inside bedsheets.
  2. Earwigs will lay eggs in your brain. Going hand in hand with our first myth, the idea that earwigs lay eggs in people's brains is merely fear-mongering. Earwigs prefer to lay their eggs in damp, dark areas outdoors, such as leaf or mulch piles.
  3. Earwigs inflict a venomous bite. Although their pincers may look intimidating and are indeed used to hunt prey, the idea that they inject venom is actually false.
  4. Earwigs spread disease. Another falsehood likely brought about by their preferred habitat and frightening appearance. Thankfully, however, these insects don't harbor any diseases.
  5. Earwigs kill garden plants. Although earwigs do indeed eat plant matter as well as insects, they prefer plants that are already dead and beginning to decay. They do not pose a significant threat to your garden.

Understanding these myths is the first step toward effective earwig control. However, if you are still dealing with earwigs, you likely want a solution. That's where our team at ProServe Pest Management can help. 

How To Keep Earwigs Away From Your Sacramento Home

No matter how benign these insects are in reality, the fact remains that an overabundance of earwigs in your Sacramento home is entirely undesirable. If you want to get rid of earwigs and keep them out for good, contact the experts at ProServ Pest Management for fast and effective treatment. We have the knowledge and tools necessary to take care of any pest problem, including an annoying earwig infestation. Call now to schedule your inspection, and our certified pest control technicians will identify the source of the problem and solve it for you quickly and comprehensively. 

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